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Reader Tip: Popular WordPress XML Sitemap Plugins

As mentioned in another post, adding an XML sitemap to your website is easy by visiting a sitemap creation website.  If you’re using the blogging platform WordPress, you can make this process even easier by installing an XML sitemap plugin.  A plugin will automatically refresh your XML sitemap when you make changes to your website,…

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Common Uses Of XML

XML seems to be talked about a lot on the web these days but it is important to understand the instances and common uses for it today. Some examples of use are in database development, documentation and web development. With documentation many businesses are turning to Docbook as this is one of the most common…

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SEO friendly XML sitemaps

Creating SEO friendly XML sitemap’s is a lot easier to do now than in the past due to the popularity of automation tools that do it all for you. There should be no reason why you shouldn’t have one for your website. Essentially XML sitemap’s are a map of your website for search engine crawlers to go…

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The Days Before XML

I remember building my first website back in 1995 I think it was. In those days there wasn’t much in the way of programs to help you and I bought a book about html and used the code to build my site. The site was a gift shop selling prints and other items with the…

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Create an Image From XML Data

I had some time to kill and a silly problem to solve, which means here’s some more SimpleXML fun for you: The Problem: It’s not really a “problem,” but FeedBurner’s FeedCountTM image is a rigid 88 pixels wide, and I wanted to include it on my homepage under the “syndicate” heading, an area that I’ve defined in my template as having only 80…

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XML Web Services and Security

Because a large amount of web services are largely built on XML,  this has led to many new standards being developed in order to supply the basic security infrastructure to support it’s use.  Here is a quick list (which is by no means complete) of some developing technologies which may be of use to the…

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Good Courses to Learn XML

I’m not a web designer but it is becoming apparently clear that I need to understand XML and HTML when I work on my company’s merchant account website. Even though I only have to make changes to the copy and head tags on the website, it would just make sense for me to know exactly…

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The use of XML in modern webdesign

Over the last 10 years we have seen a lot of attempts to use XML based webdesign solutions, where people easily can modify their entire webdesign just by updating a few XML files. The point of these systems was to enable users with no knowledge of coding, HTML or design to easily change the look…

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Understanding XML RSS Formatting

XML is often used for RSS feeds & syndication. Generally RSS feeds are created in this format: Ex: <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″ ?> <rss version=”2.0″> <channel> <title>Heart Health</title> <description>How to Watch the BBC Abroad</description> <link>Article’s Site URL goes here</link> <item> <title>Becoming Heart Smart</title> <description> Heart disease is the #1 cause of death as well as a…

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