Leave Markup Language For The Nerds!

Website creation for many years was something left only to those who can decipher the consumer languages used to create them, be it HTML, XML, SGML, CCS and many more.  People that would build sites in this manner are known as “hard coders” meaning they do not need a web editor tool such as X Site Pro, or WordPress to build their sites; they have the skills and knowledge of the code used to make sites and place them on the internet.

Well thankfully we are at a day and age where you no longer need to know these intricate mathematical languages to build a website; in fact it is so easy kids in middle school should be able to do it.   Many programs have WYSIWYG widget that stands for (what you see is what you get) basically if you have common knowledge of Microsoft Word than there stands a good chance that you will be able to master the basics of setting up a website.  Just last week I set up my first credit card debt relief site for my boss.  It took me a few days, but I got a beautiful site up, and I don’t know a lick of markup language.  For me this was amazing, I feared so greatly the task of creating a site since I thought I would need to go and learn HTML or something crazy like that.  Now I can say I am a web professional.

Where Wine Gets Confusing

It isn’t everyday that a programming language takes the name of one of the most famous beverages ever invented.  I think we all know a bit about the beverage as well as the ways to buy it, including all those wine of the month club mailers which we all get on a weekly basis.

For us, though…..what is wine when we talk about the programming language?  At it’s core, wine allows a Microsoft Windows based computer to run other operating systems.

It seems pretty basic in this day and age given the ways that Apple’s IOS can interact with Windows, but for many years it was a real problem.  Wine doesn’t get the attention that it once did, but it is still among the most important programming improvements to happen within our lifetime.  Imagine if you couldn’t even send a file from a Mac or an Ipad to a PC?

Personally, that would kill my productivity and I’m glad I don’t even have to consider the thought!

Creating A Unique Website For Beginners

Website owners and developers today are given a huge variety of choice when it comes to personalization and themes. With the WordPress platform, advanced knowledge of traditional site building methods such as XML or HTML is no longer necessary for your average blogger. However, if you are really looking to build a brand and your reputation online, you may want to create something original with a unique layout and functionality. For this, cookie cutter WordPress themes may not make the grade. Serious developers have begun to commission unique, customized WordPress templates for their new projects.

The three big players in the field of WordPress themes are Woo Themes, Genesis and Thesis. Woo are known for their affordable, attractive themes best suited to regular bloggers. Google authority Matt Cutts recommends Thesis for it’s clean design and awesome functionality for users with advanced requirements. However, there have been some mixed reports on thesis amongst some users who find that it is not as well coded for working with some WordPress plugins as it really should be. Genesis on the other hand is 40% cheaper at $60USD, and has good plugin compatibility.

Would-be custom webmasters will still need to enlist the help of a professional theme designer, but once you have chosen your starting point from Woo, Thesis or Genesis, the process is very straightforward. Each base theme recommends designers who are well familiar with their system. You simply need to determine your requirements and hire someone who is already familiar with your theme of choice. Personally, my employment information site is the last project I will ever use a cookie cutter template for. From now on, it’s unique functionality all the way!


Do I Need to Know XML or Computer Language?

Way back when, when the internet was just a baby, people really needed to know XML, HTML, CSS, PHP, or any other computer language in order to make a website, or properly use the internet or computer for programs. It is now the 21st century, and even though some may still need to manually use XML or SGML, most programming can be done without knowing much computer language. Don’t get me wrong though, you may still need to know and use XML along with other programming language in order to make a great program or a great website. However, if you just want to create something simple, like a simple website or app, there are many tools available today that you can use to help you.

XML is mostly used for site-mapping. There are programs now which can do that automatically. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to know XML or SGML either way, but for those with no time on their hands, it can be done easily for you. Nowadays, mostly anything on the computer or the internet can be done automatically, thanks to today’s technology and tools. For example, if you wanted to run a flight simulator program, you can simply just download one yourself, instead of creating one from scratch. A real flight simulation can be expensive and are rare, but a flight simulator, like the Pro Flight Simulator can give you a real, life-like flying experience at just a fraction of the cost. Thanks to technology, you no longer need to know confusing HTML to play or run programs like pro flight simulator. All you need to know are just some controls to run the program. You don’t even need to build a flight simulator yourself to experience a real flying simulation.

There are of course real usages of XML around and computer programmers around the world still use them very effectively. Sometimes, XML is known as a smart document and can do wonders for the computer language. There are still a ton of things you can do with XML and other computer languages, which is still around today. If you want to learn more about XML or other computer programming languages, you can learn them either online, or by going to a local college.

These days, computer science is a big topic in colleges and universities. You can learn a great deal of information about computer science right from your computer as well. It does help, however, by getting assistance from a teacher that knows what he or she is doing. So, by going to a school with a great deal of computer knowledge, you may benefit a lot and also learn a lot about computer science as well. There are several universities that are solely dedicated to computer science and programming skills. If you really have a strong desire for programming or computer science, it is highly advisable to start attending these schools. Not only will you learn about XML, but you will learn all sorts of languages and computer science. You can experience the computer and the internet with a great deal of knowledge of programming by learning from great computer science schools.

XML Communication Protocols

Purely by definition, it is possible using regular protocols to communicate XML web services over a network.  Typically a protocol often used is SOAP.  Therefore, a client can communicate with a XML Web service using specific SOAP messages, these can encapsulate other parameters such as XML.  This is certainly useful, especially because for the XML Clients, there is a proxy class which  allows parameters to be mapped directly to XML elements – which are then contained and distributed using the SOAP messages.

The crucial component is the service description.  It is essential that this description matches the Web Services Description Language Specifications (WSDL).  This service description is essential for communication because it defines how any client must communicate with the XML web service application.  It is within this service description that you can define specific clases, for example where there is a strong requirement for perhaps internet anonymity  then you could specify a proxy class within the WSDL.

After this has been specified the Web service client can then use the various components of the proxy.  The proxy could then commounicate with the XML web service directly including processing all the SOAP messages but at the same time maintaining the anonymity of the client’s IP address.  It is important that because this can be used across the internet a trusted destination should be referenced with the proxy class itself. The default setting on Microsoft implementations is to use SOAP over HTTP to communicate. The  WSDL though is able to generate specific proxy classes that can communicate using both HTTP transfer requests of GET and POST.  This is invoked by simply adding a protocol switch to select either a POST or GET request being issued.

Joe Simpson: Email Security Explained

Website Owners Don’t Need To Know XML

Things have gotten much easier for anyone who wants to start a website or blog. In 2012, I’d say that most website owners know little to nothing about XML or even HTML. This is because they don’t need to anymore with all the automation and WordPress themes that are available today.

I first got started with my website (DayJobNuker.com) in 2007 and I was extremely worried that I would have to learn all sorts of computer languages in order to get my website live on the Internet. I didn’t know much about Dreamweaver but I was sure I didn’t want to have to learn something that complicated. It turned out that while I did have to learn some basic HTML and how to go into the back end of my website, it was all a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Now it seems, each year things get easier and easier for blog owners and it has come to the point where absolutely anyone can start a blog. There is hardly any reason or need to learn XML or HTML at all. The great majority of coding issues and behind the scenes work that was once important to start a website is no longer needed and people with very little computer and Internet experience can easily create great looking websites.

There are dozens of free blogging platforms that are now available and nothing more than point and click skills are needed to get started. People can choose from thousands of themes and change their headers and styles within their chosen theme with nothing more than a push of a button. Easy!

So, if you are one of the people who is scared to jump into the world of blogging or having your own website, it is a lot easier technically than you might think. Gone are the days where you had to sit down with a thick computer XML or HTML manual and toil late into the night trying to understand the basics. Now, if you know how to navigate your way around the Internet, chances are good that you also have the skills to put up your own website.



Import/Export Data in WordPress Using XML Files

To export data from wordpress to transfer to a different blog simply go to Tools->Export->Select What You wish to Export & Click “Download Export File”. Now you have an XML file, which should look similar to this:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″ ?>

<!– generator=”WordPress/3.1″ created=”2012-03-01 00:11″ –>
<rss version=”2.0″

<title>Simvastatin Side Effects</title>
<description>Simvastatin Side Effects & History of Statins</description>
<pubDate>Thu, 01 Mar 2012 00:11:07 +0000</pubDate>


<title>Research Proves That Statins Reduce Risk of Colon Cancer: Simvastatin, Pravastatin Used</title>
<pubDate>Thu, 26 May 2011 07:28:57 +0000</pubDate>
<guid isPermaLink=”false”>http://statinseffects.org/simvastatin-side-effects/?page_id=86</guid>
<content:encoded><![CDATA[In a demonstration, experimental study of more than four thousand patients living in northern part of Israel,  use of statin consistently for a period of five years decreased by forty six percent the risk of colorectral cancer after correction for protective factors including use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and aspirin. (Drug information about aspirin). The effects observed are not the consequence of decrease in cholesterol levels. The researchers from MECC – Molecular Epidemiology of Colorectal Cancer study group have admonished that it impulsive to alter either the indications of statins of proper care of colorectal cancer. It is suggested that statins have to be investigated further to find out the right cause.

Jenny N. Poynter, MPH, who belongs to Michigan University, has provided the results of the research at the 40<sup>th</sup> Annual conference of Society of Clinical Oncology representing the MECC group.  Stephen B Gruber, M.D, PhD, MPH leads the MECC group who is the director of clinical cancer genetics at Michigan University Comprehensive Cancer Center along with Gadi Rennert, MD who is the director of National cancer control center for Israel’s largest HMO – Clalit Health Services.

The MECC research begin in 1999 with a grant of 4.8 million dollars from the National cancer Institute and extra funds received from Ravitz and Irving Weinstein foundations, which analyzes about how exercise, diet, genes and other factors combine to cause colon cancer. The descendants of Ashkenazi Jews have abnormally high rates of colon cancer along with novel cancer susceptibility allele, APC I1307K which is recognized in six percent and appears to increase the risk of colorectal cancer by twofold.

The researchers considered that the study of an Israeli based population along with ethnic group and Arab patients as well as Jews of non-Ashkenazi ethnicity might offer useful data regarding possible non-genetic factors which result in the formation of this disease. Statins were evaluated in this population, Ms. Poynter stated since they slowdown HMG CoA reductase that is present in excess quality in colorectal cancer cells and result in programmed cell death at physiologically pertinent conditions. The statins usage has also proved to minimize the formation of tumor when tested in animal’s cells.

Qualified patients were the people who were diagnosed with rectal or colon cancer between the years 1998-2004 (Total of 1814 cases). The controls were matched to cases based on sex, age and ethnicity (Jewish Vs Non-Jewish). The investigators also conducted matched analyzes on thousand five hundred and seventy perfectly matched case control pairs.

Use of medications and statins were analyzed by having personal interviews with each patient. The people who were using statin for minimum time span of five years were classified as “statin users” and non-users did not use statin at all. Regular use of statins as per prescriptions which suggested more than 3 times every year, was validated based on information from Clalit Health System database for most of the patients who reported statin usage. All the health problems were confirmed by a single pathologist who worked at University of Michigan.

Three hundred and twenty eight patients reported the use of statins for minimum five years; 222 controls and 106 cases. In an unmatched, unadjusted analysis, the protective impact of statins was observed with an Odds ratio of 0.49 and ninety five percent confidence level from 0.38 to 0.62 and highly significant P value [P &lt; .0001]. Also, Ms. Poynter notified that similar results were observed in matched analysis of currently available 1, 570 pairs.

Simvastatin and Pravachol (Pravastatin) were the 2 forms of statins that was commonly used which accounted for fifty two percent and forty four percent of use, respectively. Both drugs were related with an associated risk of colorectal cancer (0.47 for simvastatin and 0.45 for prava-statin).  The only other drug which lowers cholesterol and was used in this study is the fibric acid derivative (Bezalip) that has distinct pharmalogical activity when comopared to statins and reduces cholesterol by enhancing the functionality of lipoprotein lipase. Thirty nine patients indicated the use of bezafibrate for a period of five years. There was no clear relation between incidence of colorectal cancer and bezafibrate usage. The protective impact of statins is not especially due to general impact of reducing cholesterol and is associated with particular class of drugs as per Ms. Poynter.

After adjustments for possible confounders which include NSAIDs and Aspirin for a time period of five years, Ashkenazi ethnicity family history of colorectal cancer in a 1<sup>st</sup> degree relative along with participation in vegetable consumption, hypercholesterolemia, and sports activity in a matched analysis based on restricted logistic regression, the odds ratio was found to 0.54 for usage of statins and for a forty six percent reduction in colorectal cancer risk. It states that the defensive relation which was observed between colorectal cancer and statins is not suggested by other factors.

When the data was analyzed for rectal and colon cancer, noticeable protective effects was observed in both cancers (Odds Ratio was 0.38 for rectal cancer and 0.53 for colon cancer). Dr. Gruber stated at an ASCO press conference that “The data was very useful for future clinical trials. It is clear that use of statins can reduce the risk of colon cancer and the further investigation on this topic is absolutely necessary”.]]></content:encoded>
<wp:post_date>2011-05-26 03:28:57</wp:post_date>
<wp:post_date_gmt>2011-05-26 07:28:57</wp:post_date_gmt>
<wp:meta_value><![CDATA[Research Proves That Statins Reduce Risk of Colon Cancer: Simvastatin, Pravastatin Used]]></wp:meta_value>
<wp:meta_value><![CDATA[In a demonstration, experimental study of more than four thousand patients living in northern part of Israel, use of statin consistently for a period of five years decreased by forty six percent the risk of colorectral cancer.]]></wp:meta_value>
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hiya all, I was just checkin out this blog and I really love the basis of the article, and have nothing to do, so if anyone would like to to have an engrossing discussion about it, please contact me on yahoo, my name is tim posali…]]></wp:comment_content>
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To import the XML file go to Tools->Import-> Select the type of file you wish to import->Choose the file. It’s that simple!

WordPress import supports many formats. See the supported formats here http://codex.wordpress.org/Importing_Content