Coding for Wine Gift Baskets in Late 2012

Wine gift baskets aren’t exactly the place you’d think to find the most interesting code around are they?

a wine gift basket exampleI mean, in any gift basket you’re likely to find only a few items and that’s really about it.  Most people expect to see a small warehouse, with a single employee packing boxes as time goes by.

Personally, I see something really, really different in the industry.

Computer code is incredibly important in the gift baskets industry for a few reasons.  Not the least of which is inventory control.  Most high volume gift basket companies are going through thousands, if not tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of gift baskets in any given time period, especially the month of December.

Code helps to track what inventory is available and helps to keep low wage workers on a tight schedule, partially because those workers receive packing slips telling them exactly what should be included in each package.  With that type of automation and code