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The Acceptance of Technology

For many years there appeared to be a stubborn resistance to any kind of advancement in technology. Look at the fury and uproar any time a new film or music format comes out. But now it seems to have turned a corner with people lining the streets over night in order to get the latest tech.

This acceptance has seen a huge iflux of people miving their music, films and entertainment over to the technological spectrum with many even embracing the social side as well using sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest click here for an example.  It is exciting to think what could be coming next as it was not so long ago that very few of us even had mobile phones and even then thats what they were, phones. Now you have a camera, mp3 player and computer in your phone, it is barely used to actually call anyone these days. If this is the kind of speed we can expect to see development moving at it will be interesting to see what comes next.

We have all become rather dependent on these products and it would be very near to impossible to imagine going back to a time when these kind of technologies were for sci fi programmes.


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