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HTML Color Specification – Guide

How many colours do you think are actually explicitly supported in HTML and CSS specifications.  Well the number is surprisingly quite high even though many web designers only seem to use a handful when setting up their sites.  There are only 17 standard colors and the specification include an additional 123 to reach a total…

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Leave Markup Language For The Nerds!

Website creation for many years was something left only to those who can decipher the consumer languages used to create them, be it HTML, XML, SGML, CCS and many more.  People that would build sites in this manner are known as “hard coders” meaning they do not need a web editor tool such as X…

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Website Owners Don’t Need To Know XML

Things have gotten much easier for anyone who wants to start a website or blog. In 2012, I’d say that most website owners know little to nothing about XML or even HTML. This is because they don’t need to anymore with all the automation and WordPress themes that are available today. I first got started…

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Good Courses to Learn XML

I’m not a web designer but it is becoming apparently clear that I need to understand XML and HTML when I work on my company’s merchant account website. Even though I only have to make changes to the copy and head tags on the website, it would just make sense for me to know exactly…

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