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The Basics of the Domain Name System

So what is the Domain Name System or as it’s more commonly known as DNS? Well, very simply it is a huge distributed database which contains the domain names and addresses of all devices on the network.  This structure is crucial to the way DNS functions, it allows local control of specific segments – and…

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Route Tracking using HTTP Tracing

The HTTP 1.1 protocol has it’s own tracing method implemented called TRACE which provides route tracing on request.  Of course many people simply use traceroute commands which are available on most operating systems – however this only tracks hops on the network router level.  The HTTP trace method actually provides much more detailed tracking and…

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Proxies and Capturing Authentication Credentials

As the administrator of any internet facing network knows, there are certain essentials in allowing your clients access to the internet.  Most networks employ a proxy server to help mitigate this risk, but simply installing a proxy and leaving it be is actually going to cause more problems than it solves.  For example one essential…

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How Does ICAP Work?

In brief, the protocol functions as follows. An HTTP message is passed by an ICAP client to the ICAP server. The server processes the message and sends a reply back to the customer. An ICAP client can be both a Web proxy server or even a Web client. An ICAP server can support services that…

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XML Sitemaps – A Brief Introduction

Google was the very first search engine to introduce sitemaps with the Google XML sitemap format in 2005. As the internet evolved, so the standard evolved with all the search engines and it soon became the standard for all these search giants on how to complete a crawl of a website and of course the…

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