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Proxy Protocol Verification

Any circuit level tunneling through a proxy server such as SOCKS or SSL, will allow most protocols to be passed through a standard proxy gateway. Whenever you see a statement like this, you should remember that it implies that the protocol is not actually understood but merely transparently transmits it. For instance, the popular tunneling…

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How Does ICAP Work?

In brief, the protocol functions as follows. An HTTP message is passed by an ICAP client to the ICAP server. The server processes the message and sends a reply back to the customer. An ICAP client can be both a Web proxy server or even a Web client. An ICAP server can support services that…

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Border Gateway Protocol – BGP

The BGP protocol is one used by gateways and routers based in different systems.  It’s predecessor was called EGP, this protocol actually was used on the ARPANET – the earliest seed of today’s internet.  If you’re interested in this, you can find EGP defined in Border Gateway Protocol  – RFC 1267. Any system that runs…

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