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Proxy Protocol Verification

Any circuit level tunneling through a proxy server such as SOCKS or SSL, will allow most protocols to be passed through a standard proxy gateway. Whenever you see a statement like this, you should remember that it implies that the protocol is not actually understood but merely transparently transmits it. For instance, the popular tunneling…

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Identity Systems – Distributing Authentication and Authorization

Any identity system which is automated needs some way of both creating and distributing authorization and authentication assertions.  One of the most famous is of course Kerberos, which has it’s own methods for dealing with this requirement.  However many digital systems are now starting to use SAML – the Security Assertion Markup Language – it’s…

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Capturing Authentication Credentials

There are many issues with using proxy servers, however one of the biggest concerns is those which use basic authentication.  It is extremely important that a proxy configured with such authentication does not forward the Proxy_Authorization: header to any origin server.  If this happens it is a simple task to intercepts this header, gain access…

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