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Introduction to Object Technologies

Object orientated technology has brought software development past procedural programming and into a world where programmes can be readily reused. This of course vastly simplifies development of applications because any programmer can leverage existing modules quickly and efficiently. OPerating systems and applications are created as multiple modules that are slotted together to create a functional…

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Confidentiality Using XML Encryption

Just like every other type of communication method that exists online, you can use encryption for securing XML documents. In fact it is recommended if possible that all important XML documents should be encrypted completely before being transmitted across the wire. The document would then be decrypted using the appropriate key when it reaches it’s…

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Capturing Authentication Credentials

There are many issues with using proxy servers, however one of the biggest concerns is those which use basic authentication.  It is extremely important that a proxy configured with such authentication does not forward the Proxy_Authorization: header to any origin server.  If this happens it is a simple task to intercepts this header, gain access…

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How Does ICAP Work?

In brief, the protocol functions as follows. An HTTP message is passed by an ICAP client to the ICAP server. The server processes the message and sends a reply back to the customer. An ICAP client can be both a Web proxy server or even a Web client. An ICAP server can support services that…

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XML Web Services and Security

Because a large amount of web services are largely built on XML,  this has led to many new standards being developed in order to supply the basic security infrastructure to support it’s use.  Here is a quick list (which is by no means complete) of some developing technologies which may be of use to the…

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