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Command Line Utilities for Troubleshooting DNS

There are of course, many tools for configuring, installing and troubleshooting DNS issues, many can make life an awful lot easier.   Anyway here’s some of the perhaps most popular ones which exist in various platforms. nslookup This utility is probably the oldest and most widely used DNS tool available.  IT’s primary functions are to…

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DNS Messages

If you want to write programs that can utilize DNS messages then you must understand the format.  So where will you find all the queries and responses that DNS uses to resolve addresses?  Well the majority are mostly contained within UDP, each message will be fully contained within a UDP datagram.  They can also be…

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Using Smart DNS to Bypass Geo Blocks

For many years, the rather unfortunate practice of restricting access based on your location has been growing in the online world.  In fact any decent web site will now heavily control what you can or can’t see depending on your location.  The driver is of course profit, licenses are often granted on a per country…

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The Basics of the Domain Name System

So what is the Domain Name System or as it’s more commonly known as DNS? Well, very simply it is a huge distributed database which contains the domain names and addresses of all devices on the network.  This structure is crucial to the way DNS functions, it allows local control of specific segments – and…

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