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Coding for Wine Gift Baskets in Late 2012

Wine gift baskets aren’t exactly the place you’d think to find the most interesting code around are they? I mean, in any gift basket you’re likely to find only a few items and that’s really about it.  Most people expect to see a small warehouse, with a single employee packing boxes as time goes by….

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The Tech of Wine….Not THAT Wine!

Wine is a pretty well known programming language. It’s also the most popular alcholic beverage on the planet. Kind of weird huh?  Is there another thing in the world that carries two meanings and is so popular in both? In any case, for those of us looking to purchase wine one of the easiest ways…

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Wine Technology

Web based programming is an ever increasing subset of the total market to be sure. ¬†From the internet companies who have made a killing in only a few short years like Instagram to Facebook which is worth more than some small countries, there are a lot of reasons why some programmers are only interested in…

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Coding and Wine

I think we all know that wine is both a programming language and a beverage, right? Ok, so the average American has no idea that the programming language exists until they Google “wine” and the first result is a programming company, rather than a wine store for them to buy that great single vineyard Pinot…

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Tech and Wine

Wineries aren’t usually thought of as being high tech are they? Heck, grapes and the wine they make is just an agricultural product, right? So much more goes into it though.  Take a winery like Vineyard 29 in California’s historic Napa Valley.  They make some of the best Cabernet Sauvignon on the planet, giving you…

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