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Different Types of XML Parser

XML parser is a software module to read documents and a way to give access for their content. XML parser generates a structured tree to return the results to the browser. An XML parser resembles a processor that determines the construction and properties of the data. An XML document can be read by an XML…

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Identity Systems – Distributing Authentication and Authorization

Any identity system which is automated needs some way of both creating and distributing authorization and authentication assertions.  One of the most famous is of course Kerberos, which has it’s own methods for dealing with this requirement.  However many digital systems are now starting to use SAML – the Security Assertion Markup Language – it’s…

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Confidentiality Using XML Encryption

Just like every other type of communication method that exists online, you can use encryption for securing XML documents. In fact it is recommended if possible that all important XML documents should be encrypted completely before being transmitted across the wire. The document would then be decrypted using the appropriate key when it reaches it’s…

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XML Sitemaps – A Brief Introduction

Google was the very first search engine to introduce sitemaps with the Google XML sitemap format in 2005. As the internet evolved, so the standard evolved with all the search engines and it soon became the standard for all these search giants on how to complete a crawl of a website and of course the…

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Use the InterestBot to Project Interest Growth

Another new application that recently launched is the InterestBot Interest Calculator.  It’s a PHP/JavaScript application initialized via AJAX. Some people think that the key to saving would be having the largest amount of money to start with. However, this is simply not the case. Very often, people with a lot of money have many expenses…

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More About XML

Extensible Markup Language or XML has become of tremendous importance for the net. It is mark up language. It has the advantage of being both human-readable and machine-readable.  It’s simplicity and usability has seen XML become the default language for many computing applications. For example programs such as Microsoft Office, Open Office and Apple’s iWork…

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Website Owners Don’t Need To Know XML

Things have gotten much easier for anyone who wants to start a website or blog. In 2012, I’d say that most website owners know little to nothing about XML or even HTML. This is because they don’t need to anymore with all the automation and WordPress themes that are available today. I first got started…

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Create an Image From XML Data

I had some time to kill and a silly problem to solve, which means here’s some more SimpleXML fun for you: The Problem: It’s not really a “problem,” but FeedBurner’s FeedCountTM image is a rigid 88 pixels wide, and I wanted to include it on my homepage under the “syndicate” heading, an area that I’ve defined in my template as having only 80…

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XML Web Services and Security

Because a large amount of web services are largely built on XML,  this has led to many new standards being developed in order to supply the basic security infrastructure to support it’s use.  Here is a quick list (which is by no means complete) of some developing technologies which may be of use to the…

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Good Courses to Learn XML

I’m not a web designer but it is becoming apparently clear that I need to understand XML and HTML when I work on my company’s merchant account website. Even though I only have to make changes to the copy and head tags on the website, it would just make sense for me to know exactly…

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