The Days Before XML

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I remember building my first website back in 1995 I think it was. In those days there wasn’t much in the way of programs to help you and I bought a book about html and used the code to build my site. The site was a gift shop selling prints and other items with the customer’s family crest. Not many people had access to the internet then and shopping online was a luxury available to the few so, rather than being a business, the shop was more of a hobby.

Today there’s a multitude of choice. It is relatively cheap to buy a template that needs no knowledge of coding and which would look cutting edge. My family crests shop looks very different and online shopping is popular with the masses and is growing like a weed. Although there are now more languages with which to code, anyone wanting to build an internet based shop or a blog has no need for any codes; WordPress is available free of charge to all, and there are many similar formats.

The increased popularity of shopping online has brought with it a huge increase in potential customers. The problem is it has also lead to competition and there are now many online shops selling family crests similar to mine and the skill needed now is not how to build a website with html or any other language, but to appear relatively high in the search engines’ rankings.