Reader Tip: Popular WordPress XML Sitemap Plugins

As mentioned in another post, adding an XML sitemap to your website is easy by visiting a sitemap creation website.  If you’re using the blogging platform WordPress, you can make this process even easier by installing an XML sitemap plugin.  A plugin will automatically refresh your XML sitemap when you make changes to your website, which is quite frequently if you are posting regular blog posts.

One of the most popular WordPress XML sitemap plugins is called Google XML Sitemaps.  You can find this on the site in their plugin directory.  With almost 3,000 user reviews, it’s the most popular and and well-known XML sitemap plugin.

To install, you simply need to download the .zip file, unzip it, and follow the instructions available in the readme.txt file in the .zip file.  Installation is easy and only takes about five minutes.  After you’ve installed it, you can manage it directly from your WordPress plugins folder.  It also works well with proxies and you can even use it as a UK TV VPN service for watching TV.

(tip submitted by reader Jessica W. of The Ultimate Resource)