Where Wine Gets Confusing

It isn’t everyday that a programming language takes the name of one of the most famous beverages ever invented.  I think we all know a bit about the beverage as well as the ways to buy it, including all those wine of the month club mailers which we all get on a weekly basis.

For us, though…..what is wine when we talk about the programming language?  At it’s core, wine allows a Microsoft Windows based computer to run other operating systems.

It seems pretty basic in this day and age given the ways that Apple’s IOS can interact with Windows, but for many years it was a real problem.  Wine doesn’t get the attention that it once did, but it is still among the most important programming improvements to happen within our lifetime.  Imagine if you couldn’t even send a file from a Mac or an Ipad to a PC?

Personally, that would kill my productivity and I’m glad I don’t even have to consider the thought!