Leave Markup Language For The Nerds!

Website creation for many years was something left only to those who can decipher the consumer languages used to create them, be it HTML, XML, SGML, CCS and many more.  People that would build sites in this manner are known as “hard coders” meaning they do not need a web editor tool such as X Site Pro, or WordPress to build their sites; they have the skills and knowledge of the code used to make sites and place them on the internet.

Well thankfully we are at a day and age where you no longer need to know these intricate mathematical languages to build a website; in fact it is so easy kids in middle school should be able to do it.   Many programs have WYSIWYG widget that stands for (what you see is what you get) basically if you have common knowledge of Microsoft Word than there stands a good chance that you will be able to master the basics of setting up a website.  Just last week I set up my first credit card debt relief site for my boss.  It took me a few days, but I got a beautiful site up, and I don’t know a lick of markup language.  For me this was amazing, I feared so greatly the task of creating a site since I thought I would need to go and learn HTML or something crazy like that.  Now I can say I am a web professional.