Finding Someone To Speak The Language Of Computers

I don’t know about you but computers can baffle me at times. I can do the basics and get on with certain things but as soon as people start to talk about HTML or XML I just can’t seem to follow the conversation. This can be more than just a little bit troublesome in today’s age of everything being done through computers. Which is why I decided to find myself a Social agency that could deal with the computer side of my business and allow me to concentrate on the business side of things.

Being free to speak to clients and come up with the more creative side of my business has really enable the small company that I started a few years ago to flourish. Without being online that would have been impossible but as I mentioned before I am really not suited to that type of thing. I did try to learn some basics but found it overwhelming. I find it incredible that people are able to know the ins and outs of HTML and read it as a language where I just see incoherent symbols and letters.

Maybe one day I will take a course again and be able to do everything I need to help my business along myself but at the moment I don’t really see the point when I have someone that can do all this for me and better than I could hope to do it. Maybe rather than learning that I will just keep my head down and keep working at my business and hopefully I will be able to sell it on and retire to my own private Caribbean island. I know that sounds like a bit of a long shot at the moment but the way my business is growing especially through the online sales, it is not as far fetched as it might sound at first.


Great resource I found so that I can still listen to the cricket on Test Match Special when I do have my won Caribbean Island –, well actually I used it from Corfu.