Html coding to make websites more iPhone friendly

In today’s world, a cellphone has become one of the necessities of the modern professional. In fact according to a survey done in 2012, 85% of Americans own a cellphone and half the number own a Smartphone. With this said, you can see why it’s easier for people to browse the internet using their gadgets. Most cellphones if not all are capable of accessing the internet and downloading data such as music videos, photos and songs. Due to the ability of the iPhone, many people are trying to change their websites so that they can be compatible with mobile users.

What are the benefits of html coding for your website? Well, with the majority of people using phones that can browse, they will tend to enjoy browsing when in a commuter train, when in the bus to work or when travelling. In the past, most cellphones used a technology known as WAP and this may not be of any use today though there are some cellphones that still use the technology. You can still use it to run your website on safe mode for emergencies but stick to html coding.

What do you need to make your website iPhone friendly? First you may decide to create a completely separate website for mobile use or may decide to tweak the one you have in order for it to be accessed with a free phone .Here are Quick pointers when you are coding your website for iPhone compatibility. First of all make the interface feel a little bit like an iPhone application, make navigation easy and use large icons as the iPhone is a touch screen. Finally, make sure you reduce the graphics and other things that may lead to slow loading of your page. Most people will use Wi-Fi when browsing and if your graphics are too heavy, they might give up on loading the page as well.