Personalized Content

Part of writing for this site made me think, what is the next logical step for the web and for coding for the web?

To start, we’re seeing a higher and higher percentage of users accessing the web using mobile applications like their cell phone or tablets (I think reasonable people can argue if a tablet is really the same as a cell phone, but whatever).  The web and programming is also starting to be customized more easily for each individual user.

Think about the next step in these terms.  Say you’re looking to buy a gift basket online.  Typically, you’ll see a few standard national websites as well as local search suggestions as well, like local sellers of gift baskets.  What if though someone was smart enough to combine your other search history and show you gift baskets which include stuff that you typically buy.  Instead of a general idea, you’d see more chocolate gift baskets if you often bought chocolate as an example.

That makes sense doesn’t it?  I think that’s the future, don’t you?