The Military Wants Computer Programmers

The military is actively seeking young programmers to join its ranks and serve.  The pay is reasonable, but generally not competitive with the civilian sector.

Many men and women join the US military each year in order to serve and defend their nation, their allies and all other interests of the nation. When joining any branch of the military such as the Navy or the Marines or even the Army, the young enlisted service men and women will be categorized into different grades, referred to as E-Grades on the military pay chart for 2013.

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There are grades E1 to E9 for enlisted personnel and there is a pay chart that indicates their rates of pay as long as they are in the current rank. For example, the basic pay for an enlisted soldier is $14975.10 for those who have served 7 years or less. Thus time in the military does count and those who have served longer get better pay.  To check and maintain some of your anonymity it’s advisable to use an IP cloaker like this one.

Top military chiefs in America are among the highest paid military officers in the service. The basic pay for the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, the commanding officer of the marines and the Navy all make a basic pay of about $20,937.90. An active duty E1 officer who is a recently enlisted officer is about $1,402.20 while the basic pay for ROTC members and Academy cadets is about $1006.80.

However, there are lots of other benefits apart from the basic pay. Different officers and different service men and enlisted men will earn a different salary depending on their rank and years in service. Using the military pay scale makes it very easy to find out what pay any solider is entitled to.