Building your E-commerce Store the Right Way

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an affiliate marketer building and using an ecommerce store will be important to your success. Therefore in this article we are going to talk about the various ecommerce platforms on the market today and which one would best suit your needs. Firstly building an eccomerce can seem like a daunting task for even the best programmers. However, with recent advances in platform technology you will be able to build a store like this CTR rings store. The Ctr ring store actually runs on one of the platforms we will be discussing in this article.

When selecting a platform for your ecommerce store you need to first ask yourself how many visitors/sales do I expect to have on a weekly/monthly basis. This is very important because different platforms are built to handle different amounts of customers. Therefore by having a general estimate of that number you will be able to make the right decision on what you should use.

The first platform that is actually the easiest to adopt is using WordPress with an ecommerce store built onto it. There are several plugins that you can get that will turn this blog into a robust ecommerce store. Generally I would use this platform if you are going to have a low volume of sales and customers on a weekly/monthly basis.  Obviously this will only work with a basic store, wordpress is not usually suitable for more complicated offerings like this one from Bodog roulette.

The second platform I would recommend is called Magento. Now this piece of code was writter specifically to provide a nice open source ecommerce experience. However, this platform is much more difficult to use then the WordPress ecommerce store. But Magento will give you a lot better flexibility when dealing with lots of orders/customers.

In the end the choice is up to you and you can always change to a different platform at another time. It is important that even through all the pain your store will cause you that you dont give up on building it. You will get your store done and it will be a great learning experience regardless of how it ends.