Stock Investing Without The Help Of Technology

For someone who is a potential first time stock investor, getting started can be tough. There is so much technology and information that is freely available that it can end up being very confusing.Many people get sidetracked buy complicated investment strategies found on websites that attempt to time stocks. Charts and numbers everywhere with a computer analyzing the smallest of trends is NOT a good way to invest your money. If a beginner starts out with one of these methods, their money will probably go the wrong way.

Buying stocks is a snap in of itself. Figuring out which stock to buy though, now that is the hard part. Lets say someone is interested in learning how to buy stock in Nokia because they feel the company has a big comeback in them. All they have to do is open an online broker account (very easy) and put money in it. Once that is done they can buy any stock they want with a couple clicks of their mouse.

If you’re looking at buying stocks and shares in different countries then there can be some complications.  Many banks limit internet and remote access to domestic customers which means you can have problems buying shares from abroad.  This can be circumvented quite simply by using a VPN to hide your true location.  This post about a BBC live VPN is all you need, as although the example is about watching TV the program is relatively cheap and hides your location perfectly.  It’s certainly enough to be able to access a domestic bank account as long as you connect through the correct country server.

Buying and selling stocks with long term investing goals is where most people make their money. NOT from computer programs which tell them which stocks to buy now and then sell them minutes or hours later. The stock market isn’t a game and new investors should learn how to invest the right way which is to pick solid companies that have good management and good products. Computer programs and charts probably aren’t going to be much help in doing that.