Pointless Apps

Apps created for smartphones are just that – smart. If there is something that you want, there will surely be the corresponding app out there somewhere, just waiting for you to utilise it.

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Obviously, some apps are more useful than others. Taxi apps can be heaven sent at times, and tracking down your nearest ATM in mere seconds is just so useful. However, some apps are more obscure and seemingly pointless than others, which begs the question, who were their designs intended for?! Some can even make you money, potentially loads – read this post and take action, it’s about a sales video creator and it works.

First up in a list of strange apps is the app that allows you to mimic the drinking of a Carling iPint. The app pours you the perfect (pixelated) pint, which you can then pretend to drink by tilting your iPhone towards your mouth, causing the pint to disappear. Pointless? Of course, but incredibly this app is not available in the US since there is a legal wrangle going on between Carling and the creators of another iPint. It takes all sorts…

Next up is an equally pointless app, is the app with a virtual cigarette. Just why?! Not quite sure how or even why this one came to fruition, but it’s about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

The Human to Cat Translator is just for those crazy cat lovers among us. If you’ve ever felt an overwhelming need to tell your cat something, then you can with this app (apparently). Although saying that, it’s doubtful if a cat would care.

Or you could try an app called Karoshi, which allows you to take control of a suicidal business for 50 levels of suicide fun. Hmm, not sure what this says about mankind.

BubbleWrap for iPhone, although a complete waste of time, sounds completely addictive. You not only get to choose the size and colour of your bubblewrap, but also between three different mini games for more bubble popping fun!

So if you enjoy the inane, perhaps these apps are for you.