Human Development With The High Technology Today

The development of modern civilizations and technology are not always civilized. The premises in question are of the form: “Our degree of technological progress is second to none. Upon reaching this degree, we also need to prepare our society for peace, Data mining and also to ensure the peace, technology should be revised to foster the policy of war.”

Technological progress that is pushed in this direction establishes a dangerous precedent for other societies that fear a condition to their individual sovereignty. They truly are pushed to also foster a war technology. In the domain name of culture, this manner of development is perhaps not praiseworthy, nor could it be morally justifiable. Since it is perhaps not morally justifiable, it is socially irresponsible. An inspection of the premises will show that it is a problem that is posed by the last one. The final assumption may be the decision of two previous premises but is perhaps not in just about any way rationally deduced. What it demonstrates is really a passionately deduced conclusion, and being so, it does not be reckoned as a conclusion from the rationally prepared mind, at least at the full time at which it was deduced.

A society that advances according to the above mentioned presuppositions – and particularly according to the conclusion – has transmitted the mind of non – negotiable superiority to its people. All along, the energy of passion dictates the pace of human actions. Whether in engagements or willed partnerships, the principle of equality fails to function just as a result of the superiority syndrome that grips the leader and the led. And a distinct society that will not share in the collective sensibilities or passion of such society has, by the expected sense, turn into a potential or real enemy and faces confrontation on all possible fronts when it comes to software such as business intelligence or data mining.

The majority of what we find out about the current world, of class, via the media, is dominated by state-of-the-art technology such as data mining, data warehouse, advanced proxies or business intelligence software. Societies which have the most of such technology will also be, time and again, claimed to function as the most sophisticated. They are able to also use technology to simplify and move ahead a knowledge of life and nature in a different direction, a direction that has a tendency to remove, just as much as you are able to, a previous link between life and nature that was, in several respects, mysterious and dangerous. This last point will not necessarily mean that technological progress is really a mark of a superior culture.

What we have to understand is that culture and technology are maybe not conjugal terms. Civilized people might have an innovative technology or they may perhaps not have it. Culture is perhaps not simply a matter of science and technology or technical infrastructure, or, again, the marvel of buildings; in addition, it needs to do with the moral and mental reflexes of individuals in addition to their degree of social connectedness within their own society and beyond which we can easily monitor by using the proper data mining software. It is from the overall behavior make-up of people that most types of physical structures could possibly be created, so too the question of technology and science and why we need to know more abut human development with the high technology aspects of today.

Adam Jordan