Why You Should Secure Your Home Wireless

We have a tendency to presume that ordinary people have no need to bother with computer security. After all sitting in at home just browsing the web it’s easy to feel pretty safe, after all who would want to hack them.   You might think that you’ve noting of real value, but the reality is entirely different, any of us have lots of things the cyber criminal will covet including our identity!

Home security systems wireless will often find people will give a credit card number or Wireless Security Home Computerother sensitive information while talking
on a cordless phone without thinking about Home security systems wireless.

The fact is that anyone could be listening on an inexpensive Radio Shack scanner.

The same problem exists in 802.11 networks most Non-IT (information technology) People Rarely Consider The Possibility of eavesdropping on their data network, but it is EASY to accomplish on an unencrypted network.  Now of course you can get a VPN and many people do use them when travelling, however that’s rarely the case when they’re at home.  Even home users trying to bypass geo-blocks now tend to use the unencrypted option of Smart DNS which you can read about in this article – How to Use BBC iplayer DNS , which is similar to a VPN without the security.

Because it’s difficult to control where RF-radio frequency waves end up, one can never be certain where 802.11 packets are heading or
who is listening.

Top 10 Security Checklist for SOHO-Small Office Home Office-Wireless LAN’s

  • No Default Settings
  • Cell Sizing
  • SSID Naming
  • Cloaking
  • MAC Filters
  • Encryption
  • Static IP
  • Common Security Practices
  • Document Your Settings
  • Turn it off

Why Should You Care About Eavesdropping On Your Wireless Network

If you don’t care about who listening on your wireless network, you should. Because they can steal your bandwidth, your good name, and your freedom Take a look at some of the things they can do…

  • Steal your cable modem bandwidth, leaving you with less
  • Read your e-mail
  • Find you bank account numbers, if you have them on your PC, and I
    bet you do
  • Download pornography through your network
  • Deliver pornography to others through your network, family and friends If some wardriver puts pornography on your system,
    YOU OWN IT, and Jail’s isn’t fun
  • Delete your files
  • Store stolen files on your server
  • Send spam to millions of user with your return address

 For Your Own Safety Protect Your Wireless Computer Network

Intruders can do anything while sitting at your computer using your password, that they can do from outside your home or business. ANYTHING. you lock your doors you put up a firewall, take the next step and invest in the appropriate tools to secure your wireless system.  Your connection is valuable to them indeed one of the most valuable commodities for online marketers is something called a residential IP address.   Your computer is a gateway for this and can be resold to people who want to hide their location behind a real residential IP address, so even your connection has a resell value.


If you’re interested in the non-VPN services mentioned above, check out this great little free trial for watching BBC iPlayer abroad.  It provides no security but it’s easy to implement on most systems by simply modifying the DNS settings on a device.

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