Best Proxy Service for Instagram in 2022

There’s currently lots of debate in those forums where bloggers, vloggers and marketers hang out about managing and promoting Instagram accounts. Of course, as it’s the internet there’s the usual assortment of valid, aggressive and wildly inaccurate information. Plus there’s the normal pious, well you shouldn’t try and game the system from people who consider running a few extra Instagram accounts to be some sort of moral sin.

However for those of us who do run quite a few Instagram accounts, partly because we’re always getting them disabled then it’s an important discussion. Every day, making money on Instagram becomes harder and harder, the promotional tools that work are still effective but they can also get your account deleted just as quickly.

Best Proxy Service for Instagram

Unless you have a team of staff, then most of us simply don’t have enough hours to devote to growing a single Instagram account never mind a load of them. Remember this site used to be pretty much an online photo album bow it has millions of users and an enormous global audience. What’s more if you’ve got the right product or service it’s a great place to sell too.

Want to build up your brand, or find leads for your new product or service – honestly try Instagram. It works especially well with the younger demographics, who also are normally happy to buy online too. If you’ve ever tried selling on Pinterest you will know how effective marketing through images can be.  What’s more you don’t need to create lengthy and wordy blog posts that nobody reads either.   It maybe doesn’t have the longevity of a high ranking post, but that involves a lot of effort.  You’ll need to write content, or invest in expensive AI SEO tools then  spend time and money getting that post to rank.  Results from Instagram might not last as long but they can bring instant traffic.

However as with all these social platforms it’s primarily a numbers game.  So your Instagram account with a few dozen followers is not going to work commercially.  Fortunately it’s relatively simple to grow these accounts with some intervention, certainly you can use automated software too like Jarvee to grow a channel very quickly indeed.  Using these tactics, can bring huge success but they come with a risk which is why it’s almost essential to keep growing multiple accounts if you use these methods.

Instagram doesn’t like multiple accounts, or indeed any sort of self promotional tools.  So if you’re going to do any of these then you need to hide your location and the fact that you’re running these.  The most effective way of doing this is to hide behind a proxy server configured with enough IP addresses to spread your accounts across.

Best Proxy Service for Instagram

Choosing a proxy used to be incredibly simple, as long as you used different IP addresses across your accounts it didn’t really matter. Indeed initially you could even use the free proxies spread all over the internet.   Nowadays this has changed greatly, choosing the right proxy is essential, free ones will get your accounts banned quicker than anything.  The problem is anything shared is going to be flagged quickly, which is why many people say that the best private Instagram proxy are the ones that nobody else uses at all.

There is some sense in this, one of the most common reasons accounts get blocked, restricted or ‘shadowbanned’ is through using the wrong sort of proxy. Anything shared is a huge risk as they’re likely to be already flagged if people are already using them to manage other Instagram accounts. Also people use proxies which have IP addresses from commercially registered ranges like datacentres and corporate networks. These are not an issue if you’re just using Instagram like a normal user but start doing any promotion using them then you’re in trouble.

The method to bypass these issues is to ensure that the proxy has residential IP addresses and that they’re not used concurrently by anyone else. Unfortunately residential IP ranges are expensive and hard to obtain, plus reserving them for your exclusive use makes them even less affordable. The exclusivity issue has been resolved partially by using rotating proxies which switch the connections between different users. This means that a pool of residential IP addresses can be shared among multiple users to make them more affordable.

You can find these under a few providers, usually listed as Instagram proxies or backconnect proxy servers. The costs have fallen over the least few months but it’s certainly not cheap if you’re running a large number of accounts. As long as the IP addresses are not flagged by Instagram and the proxies are correctly configured to rotate the addresses properly then this should work fine.

However many people are looking at other options which can make their Instagram promotional activities both safer and cheaper. One of the most sensible options now is to utilise Mobile proxies which instead of using residential IP addresses use those from ranges assigned to mobile phone networks.   These are much more difficult to detect, block or even filter simply because of the way they are distributed.  IP addresses from mobile ranges are much more dynamic and rarely locked to a specific user for long making them much more private.   As such currently people can use them to manage many more accounts, up to 15 per mobile address seems to be fine in February 2022.

You can find them here – Luminati Proxies

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