Do You Have to Buy a Server and a Proxy for Sneaker Bots ?

The lure of buying and selling the latest sneakers is a tempting one.  The profits that can be made have increased by a huge amount over the last decade.  Unfortunately so has the competition and the days when you could merely set an alarm clock for a new release which would pretty much guarantee you copping at least a pair have long gone.  Even if you’re lucky, trying to manually complete the checkout process can cost you your purchase simply because you’re rarely just competing with other humans!

Any competitive purchase or release schedule which exists online usually means Bots.  Automated software programs which have a single purpose in life – to buy products as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Even if you think you’re pretty quick on the keyboard, you’re not going to get close to them by manually typing in your details to complete a purchase.  The software can complete the purchase process almost instantly from pre-configured details stored in the program.  In fact most decent Bots can normally complete a dozen purchases while you’re still on your first one!

Do I need to Buy a Server for Sneaker Bots ?

Lots of people install their sneaker bots on dedicated servers specifically designed for the task.  There are lots of advantages over installing and running from your home or office PC.  First of all you can choose the location of where the server is located primarily to focus on speed.  So for instance if you’re focusing specifically on US Supreme footwear then you can place your server somewhere quick and accessible for them.

Pro Tip – Use this site to determine the geographical location of the server you’re accessing  

The important factor is the speed your Bot can access it’s target site, not the speed between you and the Bot which is much less relevant.  So you can operate a super fast Bot effectively from anywhere in the world as long as you’re server is in the right place.

Of course, this is more important depending on your real location.  If your home PC is sitting on a Gigabit connection in NYC then buying a separate server is going to be much less of an issue than if you’re on the end of a 2mb bit line in the some foreign backwater somewhere.

Server and a Proxy for Sneaker Bots

Microleaves Proxy Network 

So yes buying a server can be useful especially if you’re located a long way from your target.  However you can also run most Bots perfectly well from a home PC with a decent, fast internet connection.  It all pretty much depends upon where you’re physically based really.

So Do You Need to Buy a Proxy for Sneaker Bots?

Here’s the second question to this post and is arguably the more important factor at least for anyone trying to operate on any scale.  If you’ve decided where you’re running your  sneaker bot from the next step is whether you need proxies or not.  To understand the role of the proxy is relatively simple, it’s essential to creating multiple identities.  Without proxies you will be operating under a single IP address which will be identified as unique.  When you use a proxy server then you can effectively create as many digital identities as you like – i.e. one per unique address.

Most Bots will allow you to load multiple proxy servers to rotate their connections through.  This allows the Bot to hide it’s real location and operate like a crowd of different customers all making unique requests to purchase the sneakers (or whatever goods the Bot is programmed to buy).  Therefore the software is only limited by the number of IP addresses assigned to these proxies. Indeed using specially configured sneaker proxies which automatically rotate through different IP addresses, you can actually hide your identity among thousands of individual IP addresses.

Proxies give you multiple chances to cop your desired sneakers, without them you’ll effectively only have one chance!  This kind of defeats the object of using a Bot which are designed to maximise your potential purchases or at the very least increase the chance of a single success.  Using sneaker Bots without proxies doesn’t really make much sense !  For the best value check out companies like Microleaves or which have special backconnect proxies which rotate IP addresses automatically.  These are much cheaper than paying for dedicated IP address ranges for your personal use.

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