Choosing a Ticketmaster Proxy That Works at the Best Price

Can you remember how you got concert tickets before the internet ? Well I can and you can be certain whatever the problems that’s it’s much easier now.  You don’t need to spend ages on a phone or messing around picking tickets up – you can do literally everything online.   Unfortunately though making the process easier has ironically often made it harder to get tickets for the really popular gigs and events.

As usual though everything is available for a price! Yet there are simple methods where the keen concert goer can ensure they get tickets whenever they need plus make a tidy profit on the side too.

Most of us will end up dealing with certain major sites when we want to get tickets.  One of the biggest is called Ticketmaster who operate globally and control the sales of many of the world’s largest events.  But don’t expect to be able to simply pick up lots of tickets for major events as these will sell out incredibly quickly.  Often only a few minutes into release all that will be left is those overpriced restricted view seats that nobody wants.

The best tickets go incredibly quickly and it’s very difficult trying to get hold of even one ticket let alone a few for you and your friends.Ticketmaster proxy

Yet we’ve all seen them, those people who are always selling their ‘spare’ tickets online, usually with a nice little premium added or the companies who mark up tickets by many times for the best concerts.  So is there a way to compete? Can you get legitimate tickets from sites like Ticketmaster and Live Nation?   Or are we all doomed to paying the prices on Viagogo and Stubhub with all the risks they entail?

Ticketmaster Proxy and Software – How the Resellers Work

So how can you get all the tickets you need?  A few for your friends and then one or two to offset your expenses?  Well in exactly the same way as many agencies or ‘scalpers’ get hold of dozens of tickets and resell them at a huge profit.  You can use some simple software to make multiple purchases, hidden behind a proxy server to hide your identity.

For those who’ve sat amazed at how fast these tickets can sell out.  The simple answer is that you’re not competing against individuals on mobile phones and crappy internet connections but specialized software called Bots connected through super fast ticketing proxies.  There is lots of software like this just search for ‘ticket bots’ or ‘ticketmaster bots’ and you’ll find plenty of them.

These programs are designed to automatically grab and purchase as many tickets as possible for their owners.   They work and if used correctly anyone can pick up a bunch of tickets for pretty much any event.    However obviously the ticket companies don’t like these Bots and spend a lot of effort trying to block their use and multiple purchases.  The primary method is to detect and analyse the internet connections and addresses which are being used to try and buy the tickets through these Bots.  To avoid this and keep buying tickets then you need to use decent ticketing proxies to access Ticketmaster.

Why Using a Ticketmaster Proxy is Crucial

These Bots are pretty easy to use after you’ve spent a little time with them.  You simply put in all the details of the event,  load up payment methods with some variations on delivery addresses and then wait for the tickets to arrive.   The key to being successful and getting lots of tickets is to ensure that the software can use multiple internet addresses through a proxy service in order to look like individual customers.  A Ticket Bot running on your home connection without using a proxy service to hide your IP address will simply not work.

This is where the concept of a Ticketmaster proxy comes in.  It’s simply a server that sits between you and the Ticket company site hiding your identity.  A properly configured ticketing proxy will switch your IP address after each ‘purchasing attempt’  making it look like lots of different individuals are buying these tickets.   If you try from a single connection then that IP address will be blocked almost immediately after making repeat attempts.  Basically these proxy services are pretty much essential if you want to be successful in buying tickets.

But it has to be the right sort of proxy? The e-commerce servers are smarter than you think – here’s some important pointers when choosing a proxy provider –

  • Proxies need to rotate the IP address for every connection attempt (rotating or backconnect proxies).
  • Proxies should use IPs registered to the right locations (in correct country for example)
  • Proxies should use residential or mobile IP addresses which look like ordinary users
  • Bots shouldn’t work too fast – best ones scan be configured with slight delays to simulate humans

It’s sounds complicated but it’s actually not, everything is available online including private proxies.  You just need a decent ticket bot, a proxy service designed to work with Ticketmaster (or your preferred supplier) and a few payment methods and you’re good to go.  Many people already do this whether purely for the profit or just to ensure they get hold of the best tickets.  It’s a fairly simple way to make a very decent income too if you make sure you buy tickets which are in big demand.  Even buying premium proxy services and the best software you can recoup all the costs very quickly.  Even buying an extra ticket each time to sell should put you in profit.

There’s lots of decent high quality proxy providers you can use which can supply you with a Ticketmaster proxy.  If you want to do something commercially I’d try someone like Luminati indeed their trial offer could be enough for your first attempts –

proxies ticketmater


They’re are some smaller companies too who provide the right services if you engage with them – try RotatingProxies  or Storm Proxies too.  The best Ticketmaster proxies i.e. the ones that actually work are only available from the higher quality providers who offer residential and dedicated proxies.  Cheap or free ones won’t work and will cause lots of issues, they’re also likely to blacklist your payment methods which can be a huge issue.  For the same reason steer clear of simply shared proxies especially as you’ll almost certainly be sharing them with other Ticket seekers!  Dedicated proxies (i.e. those specifically configured by the proxy provider to buy tickets) can be shared as they should rotate the IP addresses among other buyers.

The concept isn’t limited to concert tickets or sporting events either, it applies to anything in short supply available online.  there’s a huge market for example in reselling the hottest sneakers too – just using a Bot and a proxy for buying sneakers instead.

So don’t think this is some complicated underground operation that’s difficult to gain access too.  It takes a little investment, the best bots for Ticketmaster are a few hundred dollars and you can buy the best proxies for Ticketmaster on a pretty short term basis whenever you need them.   All the expenses are easily recouped by buying a couple of extra tickets and reselling them.  Of course, it’s perfectly possible to make a significant business out of this too.  Many thousands of people do this as a full time job with the right software and a few decent proxies to use.  Remember though ticket resellers aren’t universally liked so it’s best to sell them through a different identity online rather than to all your friends!!

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