Where to Find the Best Craigslist Proxy for Posting

Now most of us who use the web a lot will probably have heard of the classified directory site called Craigslist.  Despite it’s simple look the site is one of the most popular commerce sites on the internet.  It’s not quite as pervasive in places like the UK but is certainly used a lot in metropolitan areas like London and Manchester.  You may have used it to offload personal items or simply as a place to browse over in the evening.

What you may not be aware is that for many people, Craigslist is their primary source of income.  We all have heard of professional eBay sellers, but there’s arguably just as much money to be made on Craigslist. Certainly if you have any sort of goods or services to sell, Craigslist is possibly a better outlet than places like Amazon Marketplace or eBay.  Millions of people use it every day and arguably people are more likely to buy than on many other sites.

Many marketers and businesses I know rely heavily on this site, many of them making huge amounts of money selling their products here.   What’s more it’s not just American based businesses that do well on Craigslist, if you hide your internet connection properly your location is no restriction either.

The problem for global sellers is that Craigslist is meant to be a ‘local directory’ – allowing local people to buy and sell in their own region.  Which means that an African business for example wanting to sell to the US market is basically locked out.  If you just want to sell your car that’s probably ok.  However if you want to sell digital products and services then your potentially blocked from millions of potential buyers.

CRaigslist Proxy servers for Posting

How it’s supposed to work is that if you’re in New York then you can place adverts in the New York classified section.  Anyone else is blocked, you can only use the area you are physically located in – as long as Craigslist covers your area of course.

This works fine for people selling their personal stuff, but if you’re trying to sell things like digital products or software then it’s heavily restrictive.  If you do want to post multiple accounts or out of region posting then you’ll need to learn how to bypass the Craigslist IP block because that is what will happen.

However fortunately there is a way around this, you can use proxies to get a new IP when you need one.  So if you’ve got something to sell and would like to reach a bigger market then read on.  There’s no reason to give up on the huge potential of Craigslist just because you happen to be located somewhere it’s not available.


Hiding Your Location with the Best Craigslist Proxy for Posting

So how does a retailer in the UK post adverts into all the US versions of Craigslist then? Well fortunately they don’t have to travel around the US posting adverts from their laptop, although this would work too! Like many geo-blocking sites the core focus is on your IP address and where it’s registered. This is pretty accurate so your location is determined from where you connect to the internet from.

To change this you need the ability to hide your real IP address and use one that is located in the right location. Now there’s a few different ways of doing this but all rely on one basic method – relaying your connection through another server. Which is why we simply use Craigslist proxies. This hides your real location and gives you the ability to adopt a new one – i.e. that of the intermediate server you are using.  Basically you need a Craigslist proxy server to open up the classified ads outside your actual location.

So someone wanting to place an advert on the US version of Craigslist based in Europe would simply connect to a US server in the correct location before placing the advert. It sounds pretty easy and it is to some extent although there are some complications. Firstly you need to ensure you have access to lots of different locations which can be an issue. Most proxies and VPNs have different locations but often they’re simply in a specific country – for Craigslist access you need to be more specific.

Many people look around at VPNs and although they can function well, they are often restricted by their locations. Making a decision on what’s the best VPN for Craiglist in 2020 depends mainly on whether they have servers in the right locations. If you want to cover the entire US most won’t simply because it’s very expensive to have VPN server set up in lots of different areas.

For serious coverage you’d be better looking at Craigslist proxies, set up pre-loaded with lots of different IP address in different areas. However remember also you have to co-ordinate between posting to the specific sites and the IP addresses you are using. So for example you can’t use a New York IP address to post to the Los Angeles Craigslist board.  Providing this sort of functionality means that you need the following –

  • Many IP addresses in Specific locations
  • Ability to switch IP locations while you post to each board.
  • Private access to the IP while posting

Much depends on how serious you take this, if you just want access to a few locations then using a VPN service like Identity Cloaker will probably work fine.  They have servers in several major cities in most Western countries, however they don’t have blanket coverage of somewhere like the USA.  They’re also using datacenter IP addresses whereas most decent Craigslist proxies for posting multiple ads use residential addresses.  Don’t use them for any sort of bulk posting as your accounts will be blocked, you’ll need proper residential proxies for this.

Specialist Proxy Providers will Always Suggest Residential Proxies for Craigslist.

It might be best using a VPN to test and evaluate your Craigslist activities before moving across to a specialist Craigslist proxy provider if needed.  Also remember that a VPN won’t allow dedicated access to IP addresses either so you’ll have to hope no-one is using Craigslist  on the same IP, at the same time as you.

If you want proper, residential IP addresses with complete control and coverage of Craigslist locations then there’s only one very good option which I can definitely recommend.  These guys have the best proxies for Craigslist posting that I’ve come across.   The costs of using a proper Craigslist proxy provider for a month should be easily recovered if you use it properly.

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This proxy network is from Rotating proxies, who have one of the better quality residential proxy services.  They also have some of the largest US coverage of IP addresses in the world and you can access any Craigslist site where they have a matching IP address. Remember though, even the best private proxies need to be used sensibly.  The IPs from the best Craigslist proxies will unblock Craigslist website access. However remember if your account is already blocked then any proxy network won’t help.  The platform will also track duplicate accounts in other ways as well as the IP address so make sure you vary the adverts, landing pages and physical addresses too.

The Ultimate Proxies for Craigslist

To really open up the potential of Craigslist then you”ll want to post multiple ads all across the country. Perhaps you’ve got profitable classified ads running on one board – then you should definitely consider doing this.  The ultimate Craigslist proxies are residential proxies with residential IPs which can be switched between each major US city (or even other locations).

This level of Geo-Targeting per city for residential IP addresses is extremely rare and there are very few companies who supply this – the two I use are Smartproxies and IPBurger.  They both can give you a residential proxy which can be targeted at specific cities, however both of these proxy provider companies will charge on a bandwidth basis so can be more expensive.

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