Welcome to our SGML and XML Resourse site. Why does this website exist? Well simply to try and educate and promote the use of markup-based applications. Although we actively promote the use of all markup languages, SGML and XML form a standard basis that we hope to encourage individuals, industries and similar organisations to use to exchange information.

We want to encourage awareness and education of SGML and XML. You’ll find lots of information on the existing standards of SGML/XML – the advantages and benefits. Throughout our site you’ll also find overviews of other related standards andhow they can fit into an overall approach to the management of information.

We won’t forget acronyms and terminology either, we have defined many of the most common XML and SGML related ones in our site.

Finally we want to build here a respository of SGM/XML resources available elsewhere on the internet. As part of this knowledge sharing we shall also share news of events or information sharing events taking place across the globe.

A site such as ours is of course, always a ‘work in progress’ – but we will continue to add information like this whilst it is useful to the community. We encourage you to send any documents, tutorials or whitepapers on related topics to the editor for consideration. We’d also welcome any suggestions for what sort of XML related resources you’d like to see here in the future.

Enjoy our site.