Using Mobile Proxies for Instagram – there are thousands of Instagram marketers making a lot of money on the social media platform Instagram.  The issue is that creating and managing more than a couple of accounts is not allowed.  Proxies have been the traditional method of hiding your IP address and managing a load more.  Recently though most proxies are being blocked by Instagram, based on the IP addresses they’re using.  This article shows one of the ‘new breed’ of proxies using addresses from the mobile gateways.

The Best Proxy Switcher – it used to be that one proxy was enough to hide your identity and surf safely.  Yet today’s breed of online entrepreneurs need much more.  Most of us need multiple digital identities and therefore usually need a large number of IP addresses to match.  This is essential if you’re using the same platforms multiple times.  This article discusses how proxy switchers work, it’s probably not the way you think.

BBC iPlayer Ireland – a recent trip to Dublin went very slowly for me until I remembered that I could watch UK television using a VPN.  This is the program I used and it’s worth checking out how this works as there’s a lot more options for the frequent traveller using this program.  However for me watching Match of the Day via a UK VPN connection was the most important one.

How to Stream BBC in the USA – on a similar not, you don’t have to travel to Ireland to get blocked from your favorite shows. This is an alternative version of a VPN which I used during a trip to the US. Although there’s tons to do in Florida when those Summer rainstorms start then having an alternative to a US commercial channels is definitely an advantage.

Best Proxies for Bots – if you work online in any capacity then you should really check out the world of Bots. They’re handy software programs that can complete automated tasks very quickly and multiple times. Want to grow 20 Instagram accounts simultaneously? Want to post 50 Craigslist adverts from one location? Then Bots will work for you, however if you’re using them on the same platform you’ll need to hide your identity behind different proxies. These are the ones to use.