Welcome to our SGML and XML Resource site.

The primary function is to both promote  and educate the use of markup-based languages and associated applications.  However below you’ll find a whole host of useful pages, sites and resources for simply using the internet.


Brief SGML Tutorial

How to write HTML syntax using elements, attributes and comments, plus in the second section how to read the HTML DTD –   https://www.w3.org/TR/WD-html40-970708/intro/sgmltut.html

Netflix Clampdown News

Article about the latest attempts by the media giant Netflix to block access to the various regional versions of it’s site.   What you should know is that you’re being short changed if you pay a subscription and don’t live in the USA.   Netflix Blocked Proxies and VPNs – http://www.proxyusa.com/netflix-blocking-proxies-what-now

Commercial or Residential

This is additional information about the above subject, not only are websites now detecting where your IP address is located but also the classification.  These are split into two distinct categories commercial and residential.

Residential VPN Services – http://www.anonymous-proxies.org/2016/07/what-are-residential-vpn-services.html

Another Useful resource on residential IP Addresses – http://residentialip.net/

Switching Your Online IP Address

There are now many reasons why you should take control of both your privacy and security when online.  There are numerous threats to your data plus web sites all over the world are seeking to control what you can or can’t see – the process is called region locking.   The sensible way to complete both these requirements is by using a program to encrypt and hide your location – there’s one demonstrated in this article – online IP changer.

Want to be an American?

Mr Trump might put you off, but there’s no doubt that American surfers have some of the very best media sites in the world.  Unfortunately to idle away a few hours on Hulu or HBO then you’ll need access to a bank of US IP addresses like this: http://www.proxyusa.com/usvpn

Switch Your Netflix Version

The US version of Netflix is way, way better than any other one, however they block the vast majority of VPN services except one.   Here’s a story about the issue Netflix Block VPN services, where you can find the link to one of the few Netflix VPN services that still work.

The Return of Smart DNS

We thought it was broken, the system which enables not only your computer but all your other devices to bypass region locks.  After all have you ever tried to install a VPN client on your TV?  Smart DNS is the solution, just a quick modification of your network settings and everything’s sorted.  Check out this post for details which explains how to get a US DNS Netflix solution which will work on all your devices.

Who’s Watching your Torrents?

It’s so simple to download the latest movie or album using today’s BitTorrent clients, they’re incredibly easy to use.  However there is a huge danger of downloading pirated material from a bunch of strangers – basically you reveal your identity to everyone.   Many legal firms are targeting torrent downloaders with DCMA notices and fines, it’s worth reading this brief article on how anonymous torrenting can protect your identity .