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Introduction to Object Technologies

Object orientated technology has brought software development past procedural programming and into a world where programmes can be readily reused. This of course vastly simplifies development of applications because any programmer can leverage existing modules quickly and efficiently. OPerating systems and applications are created as multiple modules that are slotted together to create a functional…

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A Primer on SNMP

As the complexity of networks increases, with diverse systems and multiple infrastructure components such as varied routers and switches (all from different vendors and suppliers) – so managing these systems in a standard way become much more difficult. The network might run on a standard protocol but in any larger organisation a whole host of…

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DNS Zone Transfers

Zone transfers are an important part of distributing changes between name servers.  Every domain on the internet (and within private networks for that matter) much have a master server which contains the definitive records of names and addresses for that domain.  Zone transfers are the system which allows any changes on the master server be…

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TCP Window Size – Quick Primer

The TCP window size is basically the method employed by the receiving client/host to inform the sender, what the current buffer size should be for all the data within that connection.  It’s a flow control system which ensure that the receiving host doesn’t get overloaded with data, it’s very important that this is a dynamic…

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